A passion for CONSCIENTIOUS land use

We have a vested interest in conscientious development. We live here too.

We have been surveying in northern Virginia since 1965.

This experience means that CRES has an extensive archive of land records, and a history of conquering the challenges of land development in and around northern Virginia.

CRES is a family owned business with three generations of surveyors working side by side. 

Your home is our home. 

EARLY ADOPTERS of land surveying technology

We have a reputation for applying cutting edge technology to Land Surveying.

CRES is a recognized innovator in the field of surveying with our use of satellite, robotic and global positioning technology, all in an effort to provide the most accurate survey available in today’s market and do so in the timeliest manner possible.


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Photo by nullplus/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by nullplus/iStock / Getty Images

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